Opening Doors

Welcome to Sagis Club

We open doors to new opportunities by hosting meetings for Twin Cities’ business leaders to share information on new ideas, possible deals and potential investments. Opportunity is always knocking at a Sagis Club meeting.


Taking our name from the word “sagacity,” which means “acuteness of mental discernment and soundness of judgment,” we’re an informal group established with a goal of enriching the Twin Cities’ venture capital landscape. Our sessions bring top business leaders together with each other and emerging business founders. At every Sagis Club meeting, valuable connections are made and worthwhile opportunities are discovered.

The meetings, which are free of charge to attend and paid for by the presenters, are held in January, April and September at the Minneapolis Club. The diverse roster of presenters have time to outline the basics of their business plan, make an investment presentation and accept questions from the audience. Before and after presentations, there is time for networking among the group.

“Worth my time,” is the most frequent comment we hear from attendees, who appreciate not only the new information they learn, but the high-level business connections that can be made at meetings.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact one of the club leaders.

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At Irish Titan, we believe that the heart and soul of our business model is the reason we’ve been able to sustain relationships with our clients. And that heart and soul are the notions of “Business First. Online Second” and “Partnerships, Not Transactions.” That means that we don’t build web-based solutions just for the sake of building web-based solutions, and we don’t build them until we have an understanding of your business. These mantras have been the foundation for our business and have undoubtedly sparked our growth.

Founded in 2004, Irish Titan has accumulated over 160 clients from nearly every industry. The fact that the range of industries includes financial, professional services, consumer apparel, premier foods, non-profits and software providers, is a testament to the very fact that “Business First. Online Second.” can be sprinkled across nearly every industry. With our core beliefs firmly in place, our team is free to unleash the work that we do best, which is “Ecommerce, Applications and Websites – Surrounded by Online Marketing & Strategy”. Our team works seamlessly together, creating compelling and effective online solutions for our clients. Irish Titan - For the brave and bold minded. 

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